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Avis de Liat sur le vol Turkish Airlines entre Tel Aviv et Male du 19/07/2018 en Economie

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I used to fly a lot with TK but until this time.
We booked a flight with TK to Maldives to celebrate my husband 40's Birthday
we had a connection in Turkish of 2 hours.
When we arrived to the Male I discover that my luggage didn't arrived.
I talked to lost & found and they promised me that it will be arrived the next flight.
My suitcase didn't arrive all my vacation (8 days)

My vacation was ruined due to this, I had to be with the same clothes and the same UNDERWEAR all my staying since there nowhere to buy! (small islands with little shop - most of it are souvenirs)
Every Day I spent more than half a day at the reception trying to contact Turkish and Lost& Found to see when will I get my suitcase back -I HAD NOTHING!
I pay a lot of money to go to this vacation - the flights, the club and a babysitter for all this period to take care of our little kids.
we booked this trip to celebrate my husband 40 birthday (first time alone without kids) and due to Turkish mistake, all our vacation was ruined.

My suitcase didn't arrive all my vacation....
When I got back and asked for refund for the basic things that I bought they said that the maximum amount is $50 per day - ridiculous amount for someone who stuck with nothing on him on an island that everything costs.
Their customer service is horrible and there is no one that you can speak to

So when you consider flying with Turkish, THINK AGAIN... Your luggage may not be arrived and you are in the worst hands - They don't really care about their customers!
All your money and your vacation will through away...

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