Is a bad flight company don't trust to their web site ! Is a fake company

Avis de Gastem sur le vol TAP Air Portugal entre Lisbonne et Milan Malpensa du 06/09/2017 en Economie
Gastem TP / TAP LIS / MXP

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Is a VERY bad company ! Nobody care about the guest! They are unpolite with any education. We arrived at airport 2 hours before the departure. We did at airport more then 45 min of cue for security control , but the flight crew passed without cue they saw that! The security control was not allowed us to jump the cue!!!!!! We have to wait with the rick to lose the plane ! ( in Israel and usa u must be 3 hours before departure - we are in Portugal and 2 hours are enough ! Then the chief of the flight was a very disgusting woman around 45/55 years, she closed the gate 15 min before de departure and she left more then 6 passenger at airport. We arrived running , the desk helper guy at the gate was trying to explain to her that there was a very big cue with only 4 checking point open at the security check. She came laughting saying NO , you can't get in the plane. And she turned and without any other words she gone. The tube finger was crowdy , the passenger were waiting in the finger to get into the plane! I can Belive it . Don't use this air line! It cost much more of low cost and the service for client is owful! No way never again ! Don't use it if u don't want have bad experiences , is better rayanair it cost less and you know about their service. I don't accept that TAP is trying to say that they are a great flight company but are all lies, is not true is very disgusting. Don't trust to them! Bad service and bad workers . Go home if u don't want to work lazy woman , ugly inside! The gate was the last one , 10 minutes to arrive by walk, gate 26 terminal 1. Flight TAP TP808 departure 20.45 on 06/09/2017 do not use this company bealive me is insane ! You can see the picture of people at tap desk ! You can see how many people are there! At other ticket front desk there was nobody because nobody was leaved at airport!

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Par Gastem, à propos de TAP Air Portugal, , près de Portugal, via son mobile
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  • People not allowed to get into the plane
  • Guest like us that found the gate closed before , earlier without any information !
  • Never again here

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