A reasonable experience let down by catering

Avis de Veee sur le vol Air Transat entre Londres Gatwick et Vancouver du 06/09/2017 en Economie plus

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I have seen reviews posted over a year ago highlighting the poor food but having just experienced a return trip between London and Vancouver, I have to say things are still exactly the same with the food. My mother and I both felt that the flight was good on the outward leg. We were made welcome, our seats were comfortable and the in flight entertainment was good. We enjoyed a complementary drink and snack with our Option Plus package which was very nice.

I am puzzled that hot food can be served on the fights from Europe to Canada but not in reverse. On our outward flight, my mum and I were seated at the back so we had no choice by the time the trolley got down to us. We had a beef dish that was OK, if not to our taste. On the return, we found that only sandwiches were served. They were heated up, inside cellophane which meant that they were too hot, weirdly wet and rather tough. All in all, barely edible. We were only offered one cup of tea throughout the long flight and there was much huffing and puffing when I asked for more water. Having made an announcement that a continental breakfast would be served, we were looking forward to it. When we had a freezing cold, clammy and thin slice of carrot cake chucked at us, we were astonished! Continental breakfast?

It seems that the airline is very keen to flog its fancy and rather pricey special menu - perhaps forcing people into buying it by serving unappetising rubbish as standard.

We found the staff on the return trip were very brusque and quite unpleasant. We had booked Option Plus and the staff seemed to resent that. However, on the outward leg, we found them very hospitable indeed.

The cabin was clean and fairly comfortable and the leg room was fine. I would probably fly with Air Transat again because the price is keen but would possibility take my own food on board. The food currently being served on the Canada to Europe flights is most unpleasant and quite frankly, an insult to paying customers.

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Par Veee, à propos de Air Transat, , près de Hertford, England, United Kingdom, via son mobile
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