Worst Airline ever

Avis de kazamodia sur le vol Tunisair entre Le Caire et Barcelone du 06/08/2019 en Economie
kazamodia TU / TAR CAI / BCN

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This is by far the worst airline I have ever traveled with in my entire life. My flight was 4 hours late so I missed my connection to Barcelona. I had to stay for 24 hours at the airport with no food, water or hotel. My passport was held by transit officers there and I was not allowed to leave the transit room at all. They lost my baggage tag and my boarding pass. I asked for hotel room to stay the night they just shout at you and don't reply. I slept on the floor in a very cold room like prisoners, I am not exaggerating but I felt like I was imprisoned. They wanted money just to let me out of the transit room to buy some water . Very very very bad . It was like a nightmare.
They have no one to complain to, no costumer service, no email replies, no phone replies, simply nothing !
Next day I arrived to Barcelona to find out that my luggage was missing. I filed a report and after 20 days my luggage is still missing, not only this but my baggage tag has been lost by the transit officers there.
To add to this they never have a flight on time, all their flights are delayed

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