My flight was cancelled.

Avis de BEATA sur le vol Easyjet entre Glasgow et Palma du 10/10/2017 en Economie

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I booked our holiday a few months ago and each of us was looking forward to this trip. When we arrived to the airport everything was fine.After some time the gate was open without any problems. Everybody was standing in a big queue. Our flight should have been at 6:55 pm. At 6:45 pm we were still waiting for the flight. And suddenly a few minutes later one person came and said to everybody in the queue that he was very sorry, but our flight has been cancelled. He did not explained to us why that flight was cancelled. Everybody was very disappointed and angry. When we asked him what we can do now he said that if we want to know more information we should go and ask about some details at EasyJet information desk. Again a few minutes later we were in a big queue at the information point and again we were very disappointed. Everything what we heard there was that they have got only 2 flights to Majorca during a week (Tuesday and Friday) and all they can offer us is a leaflet with the information how to apply for refund. They also did not tell us a reason why this flight was cancelled. I was travelling for 5 hours to the airport and after that cancellation again I had to be on my way to home for 5 next hours. It was ridiculous for all passengers. I had to cancel all our holiday because of that cancelled flight and due to that cancellation I will not get all my money from the travel agency. I am not going to book anymore a flight with EasyJet and will not recommend to anyone this airline. I am extremely disappointed and will never fly them again.

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Par BEATA, à propos de Easyjet, , près de Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Unhappy with easyjet a répondu Traduire

Today Tuesday 26th June 2018 I will never go with easyjet again my flight was canceled the staff was no help all they say was just go to the help decks they will help you with your refund!!’ I think easyjet could stop and think for one mim they are going to lose money sorry I would like them to feel if the shoe was on they foot and now they like.
Tomorrow is my sister graduation which I will miss! I am very unhappy with easyjet

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