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Avis de #30708 sur le vol Easyjet entre Nice et Bristol du 28/05/2018 en Economie
#30708 U2 / EZY NCE / BRS

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Don't fly with easyjet. I was due to fly from Paris to Nice in May and our flight got cancelled, so easjet booked us a hotel for the night (nice of them). Then sent us an email with the directions to the hotel so we got a lift to the hotel where we were told that easyjet don't use this hotel and the hotel is actually in disneyland Paris..... they hadn't updated there email in 2 years the hotel hasnt been there for 2 years. So we ask a taxi driver how much it would cost for a return to Disney and back to the airport.... €200!!! Refused to pay and they refused to re-accommodate us so we had to share an uber which was slightly cheaper. So we get to Nice and now it's time to go home. Great flight is cancelled!! No email to tell us it was cancelled we found out through the flight tracker. Got transferred onto a flight the next day and a hotel was booked. Hotel was just before Cannes €70 euro taxi. I refused to accept and asked if they could accommodate me closer to the airport. The customer service rep said on the phone "no problem I will try my best and ring you back". It's now the 8th July and I'm still waiting for that phone call!!! So I was forced to spend €60 on a hotel for the night. Finally I got home!! 29th of May I filed 2 expense claims 1 for food and another for the hotel, both you accepted and were due to be refunded into my bank account within 14 days. 14 days had been and gone and nothing so I contact there chat and ask what's going on.. Apparently there was an error but no one decided to contact me to let me know... So the 2 expenses were refunded again meaning I'd have to wait another 14 days. It's not the 8th July and I've still not received my refund and was told that the payment was processed and completed but I have nothing to show for it in my bank account. Rang up and was told that I was lying and I'd need to prove it with a bank statement that I'd need to send via email! What an absolute joke! I've never had such disgusting customer service in my life!!! It will soon be approaching 2 months and I've yet to receive anything. They are quick in taking your money but aren't so quick in returning it. Don't fly with Sleazyjet.

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