Rip off, dirty, uncaring

Avis de Aalvin123 sur le vol Srilankan Airlines entre Bangkok et Colombo du 25/06/2018 en Economie
Aalvin123 UL / ALK BKK / CMB

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Worst airline. Staff did not even smile like on other airlines when we got on to the plane.

Inside, the interior was old and dusty. The toilet was not cleaned properly: the toilet seat was covered in water and there were used tissues all over the floor. The floor was covered in water / urine. It was disgusting, I went to the toilet as soon as we got on, and it was in this state. It was appalling.

Out of all the crew only one male member was smiling and helpful, all the female staff were so obnoxious and I did not see a single smile. When I asked for some water, it arrived almost 30 minutes later. The staff seem to chill more in the back together laughing and talking amongst themselves instead of helping the passengers.

Furthermore, I had to change return flight to 1 or 2 months later. To change the flight they wanted 56,000 rupees.( $360 usd). My original flight (both tickets) were only 40,000 rupees. ($252 usd)

This is so ridiculous, they want to charge me 56,000 rupees to change 1 flight which is more expensive than my original return ticket. When I checked, one way flight was only 22.000 rupees
I asked them to cancel my flight as I will be charged for no show. They charged me 29.000 rupees. ($200 usd) plus taxes and plus other fees

Absolutely ripped of by this unfriendly, dirty and uncaring airline.
The only good thing about this airline was I got to watch 2 movies.

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