My husband being offboard unfairly

Avis de Milaari sur le vol Srilankan Airlines entre Doha et Pu Dong du 07/10/2018 en Economie
Milaari UL / ALK DOH / PVG

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Srilankan Airways,

I don’t know how did you train your staff in Qatar and how could her be so dumb.

My husband, canadian, had been stopped for onboard upon flight UL 218. Her reason my husband need to have CHINA VISA when he can transit 72H in china, next destination will be Malaisya, Ok, the in the end we rebook return ticket by changing date to less 24h transit with next destination to Malaisya after shanghai. But again the lady in UL 218 said my husband can not onboard since no CHINA VISA! Where on earth for transit you need visa, they have so many services inside the airport to do so. And my husband is Canadian! Where is her brain? Why did you let someone so stupid be in charge of the flight?

My husband supposed to transit to srilanka for 8h for meeting tomorrow and continue to Shanghai for another meeting. He couldn’t make it meeting due to your persistent stupid lady staff.

What is happening here?

How come you can just neglect your customers and let him stranded in airport without solutions? Why did your other staff let him check in imhe beginning if he needed whatever requirements needed? Why when after having boarding pass you still able to refuse him onboard due to stupid reason?

I suspect your flight was having overbooked and made my husband suffer this matter.

If this how you handle your customer, your airlines standart is not supposed to be in “one world”. My husband holding gold memeber of qatar airways 408887670, and category saphire in “one world”.

I want justification. If you offload my husband with this stupid reason and had caused him miss important meeting in srilanka, he had his visa in srilanka too. You can check.

I demand you MUST return back our full ticket amount.

I had complaint before about your airlines double charge my extra luggage and took me to write you follow up for 4 times, 2-3 calls and my money only returned back after 3mos after promise of 10 days returning my complaints. Small things you can settle fast

Let see how “gentlement” your airlines settle our complaint. Let see real standart of your airlines.

Just called your call center too for filled complaint, he did well by listening my complaint and promise will call me back after investigation.

Best Regards

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