No entertainment and some unfriendly staff

Avis de flowrider sur le vol Volotea entre Londres Southend et Palma du 02/07/2016 en Economie
flowrider V7 / VOE SEN / PMI
Cet avis relate une expérience vécue il y a plus de 2 ans.

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London Southend to Palma (and back) on 2 and 9 July 2016. Upon boarding the gorgeous looking plane we were "welcomed" by a disgruntled stewardess who didn't seem to have bothered to fix her hair that morning... not to mention her makeup.

Later we found out that that messy looking lady was the cabin manager, the worst ever I'd say. She was not only rude to some of us showing some attitude with her spanglish but what I really believe was unacceptable was to tell off her colleagues in front of the passengers.

The rest of the crew were dedicated and doing a good job despite their hideous and horribly outdated uniforms. They seemed afraid of her. Seats were comfortable enough but floor was dirty - no cleaning between flights. Only two tiny toilets at the back for more than 100? passengers. Queue to use them stretched along the aisle.

Volotea is a strictly "no-frills" spanish airline. No inflight entertainment of any kind - not even a magazine rack. No seat-back pockets (like Ryanair) and a very small selection of food and drinks for purchase. Both flights departed and landed on time.

One week later on our way back, the attendant by the door was nicer than his female colleague but he didn't seem to speak english at all. As I stepped on the plane I asked him how long the flight would take and he said "-Excuse me?".

I asked him again but he just checked our boarding cards and told me and my wife our seat numbers. He seemed too anxious and just kind of wanted to push us inside. Fortunately, the other attendants were english speakers and took better care of us. I'll try to avoid them in the future anyway.

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