Disgusting/Racist and Traumatic experience

Avis de ssse3 sur le vol Vietnam Airlines entre Ho Chi Minh et Siem Reap du 31/12/2019 en Economie
ssse3 VN / HVN SGN / REP

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I experienced despicable and demeaning behaviour on NYE at the Hoh Chih Minh airport. Your attendance staff for the flight to Siem Reap were rude, racist and disrespectful to me and my family. Your customer service is poor and you show no concern and any help. All your staff did was spread lies and misinformation pass on the responsibility to the higher ups and smile. If it wasn’t for the support of other people flying with me I wouldn’t have flown and gotten to my destination. This behaviour was applied to other people flying as well and it was overall a demeaning experience for everyone on the flight. Shame on Vietnam airlines staff and the whole organisation for your behaviour during this whole traumatic experience on NYE.
Instead of convincing people to sign up for lotus smiles how about you focus on customer service and do the basics stuff.

Mr CEO DUONG TRI THANH if you truly believe in your organisation to be the best airline and to greater heights in 2020
then take ownership and train your front office staff to do better or hire people who want to work for you. Your ambitions will be derailed if your front office staff are behaving like this all the time. #poorcustomerservice #rude #airlinefromhell #

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