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Avis de takes2tutango sur le vol Virgin Atlantic Airways entre New York Jfk et Londres Heathrow du 03/08/2018 en Economie plus
takes2tutango VS / VIR JFK / LHR

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Never again will we use Virgin Atlantic or recommend them.
Upon arrival at San Diego airport, we found out that our first flight on Southwest would be delayed almost 5 hours. We immediately called our Travel Agency which will be reviewed later as well and were told that we had to call Virgin Atlantic to see about switching our flight. We were told by the Virgin Atlantic agent that there was a flight leaving later out of Newark with plenty of seats available but, we would have to pay a change fee of $300 per person and a fair fee of $1800+ per person too. Our total roundtrip tickets at this point were only $2300 for two and now they wanted an additional $2100 per person just to change one-half of our flights!!! But wait it gets better...
So, knowing we couldn't afford this as we had already stretched our budget to do this trip we had to find other outbound tickets on a budget airline with limited seating room from our booking of Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic.
We spent another $890 we couldn't afford to get to London and were on our way.
Not once did anyone from the travel agency or Virgin Atlantic explain to us that if we don't make our first flight our return would become null and void. Imagine our surprise when we were in London checking on our return to find out we didn't have one? That is Virgin Atlantic's policy!!! Pay for a full roundtrip ticket, miss your first flight and screw you but, you now lose your return. WTH!!!
We then spent two days trying to find anything we could afford to get home.
An additional $1800 on another budget airline with no leg room and we had tickets home, well at least to Boston. Last minute airfare is crazy expensive! One Virgin Atlantic rep said that's the policy of every airline.
Not true. We missed our first flight with Southwest in doing our change and still were allowed our return. In fact, they helped us with changing our return to fly from Boston to San Diego. That's customer service!
Any airline with this policy of canceling your return when you have paid in full for a round trip ticket is just greedy, evil and crooked in my opinion.
We found a law firm that tackles just this so if you ever find you are in this situation look up Bott and Co.
If we could sue for stress and damages we would but hopefully, this review will hurt Virgin Atlantic in the pocketbook over time as they certainly hurt ours. The best we can hope for is that eventually with practices like this they go belly up. They certainly deserve too.

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