Avis de Linder sur le vol Vueling Airlines entre Copenhague et Paris Charles De Gaulle du 06/04/2017 en Economie
Linder VY / VLG CPH / CDG
Cet avis relate une expérience vécue il y a plus de 2 ans.

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I would like to warn everyone flying with Vueling that they consider themselves to have the right to decide whether you're allowed to board the flight or not, no matter if you have the all the documentation needed or not. I was supposed to travel with Vueling last year from Copenhagen to Paris with a valid international ID.

This is what you need for travel stated on Vueling's website:
Schengen Destinations
Valid ID document or passport.

EU / Non-Schengen
Valid ID document or passport.

I checked in my baggage with my valid international ID and I was assured by the staff that I did not need my passport as Vueling don't require you to have your passport as long as you have a valid ID.
Later when I was one of the last persons to board the flight the woman who looked at my boarding pass and ID asked me to step aside as I was not allowed to board the flight without my passport because I was not allowed to enter France without it which is a lie and I told her what I was told at the check-in that I was ok to travel with a valid ID. She replied that what the staff told me at check-in was not her problem, she was not allowing me to board the flight.
I asked her for their information desk to get help with my ticket and she replied that they did not have any in Copenhagen, I asked for a phone number where I could call and get help and she replied that she did not have any number I could call. I then asked for her name and she turned her back against me closing the gate.

I had to book another ticket with SAS later that day and I did not show my ID once, not at check-in, not when boarding and not in France.

I made a complaint to Vueling regarding this and I everyone I talked with at Vueling is saying that I do not need a passport to travel with them and that they will get back to me on email. When they do get back to me they say I did not have the correct document to travel. I reply that I did have the correct documents I just did not have my passport. They tell me that they will go deeper into my case and then they get back to me with the same copy-paste answer.
It's a never-ending story. The only answers I get is that it is my responsibility to have the right documents to travel. And I explain I had the right documents and the woman replies again that she is not arguing with me and tells me again that is my responsibility to have....and so it continues.

Could it be that the flight was overbooked and that someone had to be refused to board the flight?

So beware flying with Vueling as it's not sure that you will be able to use your ticket that you paid for and they will not give you a refund even if they do wrong.

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