Avis de AK2017 sur le vol Wizz Air Hungary entre Bucarest et Cluj-Napoca du 27/09/2017 en Economie
AK2017 W6 / WZZ OTP / CLJ

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Completely disappointed with Wizz Air Hungary!
September 27, 2017, Bucharest airport, Wizz Air flight # W6 3494, flight confirmation code M8FQ2M. My experience was a nightmare. The staff at check-in desk including the Supervisor was unprofessional, rude. Arrived at the check-in gate two hours earlier the agent (sleeping at the time we got at his desk) told us we have to pay 70 Euros in order to board the plane because we failed to check-in online. Since we bought the tickets, 30 days earlier, we‘ve tried to check-in on line multiple times, different hours ,from different computers ,from different addresses…even from different towns but ,due to Wizz Air’s site problems ( in my opinion it was done deliberately) nothing worked. I’ve sent messages to Customer Relations and many other Wizz Air Departments, asking for help but they ignored all communications. I have record of all these messages, all the complaints, including screenshot of their site problem. Reading on line this is a regular occurrence (look at month of September 2017 reviews).
We were not only people at check-in desk having similar problem.
We paid 70 Euros in order to board the plane. When we’ve got home I’ve blocked the payment with my Credit Card, disputing the charges. Than I’ve contacted Wizz Air Customer Relations by e mails asking for my 70 Euros back, considering it wasn’t our fault not being able to check-in on line. Clearly it was Wizz Air’s system problem. The Wizz Air’s Customer Relations Department has responded that they are going to refund ONLY 50% of 70 Euros, meaning 35 Euros (!!!).
NO WAY Wizz Air! That money belongs to me and I want a full refund of 70 Euros back in my credit card account IMMIDIATELY. I WILL NOT STOP TILL MY 70 EUROS ARE BACK IN MY CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT.
We would never ever again fly with this airline. Our vacation was ruined.
Andrei Kiss,USA

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