Avis de ewhusted sur le vol Wizz Air Hungary entre Budapest et Bucarest du 23/03/2018 en Economie
ewhusted W6 / WZZ BUD / OTP

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Biggest scam airline ever. Must be run by the Hungarian Mafia. Our difficulties started long before we went to the airport. First thing I noticed at home when I reviewed our ticketing information was that no seats were assigned. So I went online and discovered that in order to select seats you had to pay - not just for premium seats but for any seat on the plane. Since it was only a bit over an hour flight we decided to let them randomly select our seats even if the three of us, including our 12 year old daughter, were not seated together.

A few days before the flight I again went online and attempted to check in. The first section of check-in covered two items: the need to pay to have even one bag checked in (at the rate of $50 per bag) and their rule that there was no guarantee that you could even take one carry-on unless you were willing to pay $6 Euros per passenger for a pass - which supposedly also allowed you to board early. Since we had three bags to check-in and three bags to carry-on I paid over $170 online in order to avoid paying a higher price (as noted in the online check out info) at the airport.

The next section of the online check in asked me to select our seats - again at a price. Already upset at the outrageous check-in bag cost I opted not to select a seat and the web site booted me out. I assumed I would just check-in at the airport counter and find out what seats were assigned to us by the airlines.

Imagine our surprise when we were informed by the clerk at the counter that we had failed to complete the check-in process and therefore he could not issue tickets. He directed us to another Wizz Air counter down the hall where we were told that our failure to complete the online check-in process would cost us 40 Euro per passenger (120 Euros total). I dropped a few “F” bombs, accused the airlines of being run by the Mafia but had no other option but to pay the 120 Euros. We then returned to the ticket counter and finished checking in. When we arrived at the gate we discovered that the $6 Euro pass we had purchased for each of us allowed us to board early - ya, right, on the bus which then took us to the plane. We stood in the bus for over 30 minutes waiting to be taken to the plane. Once the bus arrived it was a mad house getting off the bus and trying to board the plane. We noticed that most of the other passengers had brought not one but two carry-ons with them. We could have avoided paying the $50/bag cost of checking in our three bags. Nothing but scams on the Wizz Air website.

When we arrived in Bucharest we discovered that our large checked-in bag had one of its four wheels completely removed - someone at Wizz Air had taken a hammer to it. We filed a damage claim and are waiting for the results of that request.

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