Absolutely terrible

Avis de sup sur le vol Wizz Air Hungary entre Ljubljana et Charleroi du 28/09/2018 en Economie
sup W6 / WZZ LJU / CRL

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Absolutely terrible. Online check-in was unclear and the summary of booking information, which I carefully went through in the morning of my flight, contained no information about it being necessary to avoid a 30eur payment at the airport. I was first given a boarding pass with no problems when I arrived at Ljubljana airport and the boarding to the plane was about to start, as suddenly I was called to information situated outside the security. I was called to pay the 30eur (almost as much as the ticket) because I had done the check-in at the airport (paper? The 2-second service?), and given no option to fight back because my flight was about to leave. I was treated like an idiot because I had not figured out that online check-in was needed while apparently having "ticked the box" to agree to do it online while booking. Apparently I would have figured this out by logging into their website. As if I had nothing better to do with my time than browsing their website just for fun. This was my first time with Wizz air and I had no idea this company had all these different ways to trick the customers. They probably make a fortune with the misleading check-in information. I am sure they have received many complaints but there are still no reminders nor links to the check-in sent to the customers. I strongly recommend avoiding, they give you a headache.

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