Lost my daughter's bag and never filed missing claim

Avis de Kindred1 sur le vol Winair 049 entre Saint Martin (L'espérance) et Tortola du 06/01/2015 en Economie
Kindred1 WM / WIA SFG / EIS
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August 2, 2014, we purchased tickets through Orbitz from Boston to Beef Island via US Airways and Win Air. We traveled from Boston to Tortola on January 6, 2015 (US Airways Flight 1964, US Airways Flight 865, Win Air Flight 049).

Upon arrival in Tortola, my daughter’s bag was missing. US Airways labeled the bag as that of my son David, but the bag was my daughter’s. As instructed, we went to the Win Air counter representative and submitted our claim.

Our baggage claim was not processed, Win Air counter agents provided us with the counter phone number to check on the status of her bag.

Their attitude was wait and see, the bags usually show up the next day. The bag never did show and because they did not properly process the claim, precious time was lost in locating our bag. Also, we did not receive any compensation to replace my daughter’s lost clothing, we purchased a bathing suit, cover up, flip flops, t shirts, toothbrush and other necessities out of pocket.

The most troubling aspect of this entire mishandling was that my daughter’s medication was in the bag, and we had to sail back to Tortola to get an emergency supply of her meds, costing us precious hours of our vacation and additional money.

Win Air’s gross mishandling of this lost bag resulted in tremendous stress and aggravation during our charter in the BVI's. New clothing was purchased to prepare for this trip, many of the items had never been worn as we were traveling from a cold climate.

The incompetence of your employees handling our claim delayed any chance of receiving our bag. Win Air’s mishandling of the process is gross negligence and completely unacceptable. Win Air asked us to provide a list of the bag contents and items purchased to provide my daughter with something to wear on our vacation, which totaled $1300. Win Air refused to pay this, even though an interline agreement was in place at the time the tickets were purchased. After several weeks Win Air sent us a check for $400 to close this claim.

Worst customer service I have ever experienced, incompetent employees and complete disregard for the tremendous strife you caused us during our vacation. My family and I will never fly Win-Air again. Just want the bag back, many of the items cannot be replaced.

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Par Kindred1, à propos de Winair, , près de Plympton, Massachusetts, United States
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