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Z2 / EZD

Petit avion pour un petit aéroport près de Coron City, seul moyen pratique pour plonger sur les épaves de la baie. Compagnie comparable aux autres du pays, tarifs très intéressants mais là non plus, on ne sait pas comment les avions sont entretenus...

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Economie USU - MNL + de 3 ans 2 réactions

Excellente compagnie. Super Service. Je suis navré de voir cette compagnie sur la liste noire, ainsi que l'Amanpulo Airline ou encore ITI. Leurs...

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Economie MNL - USU + de 3 ans 8 réactions
ad gentes

Short haul flight on an ATR

This short flight of 1h, operated by Zest Air on an ATR was quite ok.
The plane is old and the seat are not so confortable, but the flight attendant were nice and the captain was really communicative explaining us what we could see from the window...
The landscape over there were wonderful !
You can not expect much more on this kind of flight !
I would really flight again with this company and this captain :)

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Economie MNL - USU + de 3 ans 2 réactions 7 vues

The shitty airlines of the Air Asia Group

Since Air Asia bought a participation in the filipino Zest Air, they change the name into Air Asia Zest and try to provide the same services as Air Asia in malaysia.
But this not at all the same, despite a cheap price of 60euros the flight, the aircraft was very old, the seat were completly destroyed and dirty. The pitch is very tight, I'm 1.80m but here it's painful to stay seated... during 4h...
Hopefully the flight was not full and I had 3 seats to lie...

The stewardess are nice and make their job correctly.
The flight was on time.

The arrival in MNL is quite strange, you arrive in a shitty terminal (T4), everything is old and far away from European or even Chinese Standards. We waited in line in a narrow corridor during around 1h30 to cross the immigration.
There was only 2 immigrations lazy guy for 150 passengers and mainly chinese that need to provide 10 papers to get the visa...

I would not take this airlines again

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Economie PVG - MNL + de 3 ans 1 réactions 9 vues
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