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Avis de VAC sur le vol Aigle Azur entre Paris Orly et Sao Paulo Viracopos du 16/08/2019 en Economie

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Just don't travel with this company. It's simply not worth it. It's not a trustful company. It was my first try with it, but they have already disappointed me.
They cancelled my return flight Paris to Sao Paulo with a message saying only: "your flight is cancelled. If you need to contact us, go to our webpage or call us on xxxx number (0,06 euros per minute)".
I tried to call immediately, and I didn't get any answer. I tried many times. Then I requested a refund through the online form and I'm waiting to see how much time they will take and how much they will actually refund once their police says they do not refund services fees, which they put up the double price of the actual flight...
My guess is that they do that very often to oblige costumers to fly with them when they want, or when they have enough passengers. They cancel your dates and then you will have to rebook your flight to another date which they will impose to you and which may be the one there are enough passengers...
I won't do that though. I will get my refund, whatever they refund and never deal with them anymore.

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