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Simple mais efficace

Vol qui a décollé à 22h20 au lieu de 20h20 à cause de la météo, la compagnie n'y était pour rien donc nous avons pris notre mal en patience. Espace...

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Economie LGW - CDG + de 3 ans 3 réactions 29 vues

Very bad experience, every flight, consistently, very bad (unless you like to be treated like cattle)

My company started to book me on easyJet (Flexi fare). What a nightmare ! I've waited 10 flights to see if things would improve... they didn't :-(...

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Economie plus LGW - CDG 10/2017


I have had the worst experience with this airline.

We booked a flight to go from Gatwick to Paris and when we got to the airport they had cancelled the flight due to airstrike and after a long queue, they told us that we needed to go online for a refund and voucher.

Nowhere online was there an explanation of the voucher or refund. After hours of trying to reach their customer service centre, we finally get through to someone (Mani) who literally said I needed to write a complaint because there was nothing she could do. Because of this, I lost my hotel reservation (which was non-refundable and they did not budge on their decision to move us to next weekend (Holiday Inn Paris Elysee) and of course lost our tickers with Easy Jet (over £400 value).

I wonder if Vueling will compensate for this loss - of course not. I have to put one star to post but the reality is they dont even deserve 1 star.

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Economie LGW - CDG + de 3 ans

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