Londres Luton - New York Ny/Newark Inl

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Flown twice with this airline and both times one of the legs has been cancelled, the last flight reported a 2 hour delay, then 3 hours, then 6, at the last minute it was cancelled and rescheduled to the following evening, bar the notice for 2 hour delay no other information was given.

Luton is a terrible airport to fly from.

Overall the experience is terrible and I will never fly with them again.

Pay cheap, buy twice(which I literally had to do in order to get home).

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Business LTN - EWR + de 2 ans

No complaints

No complaints about either leg of return flight.
On time. Very professional.
Seat - comfortable, albeit not flat.
Food - good.
Business class 'lite' - but reasonable priced for this product.
Classy interior and air crew uniforms.

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Business LTN - EWR + de 3 ans
John Cambridge

Flight cancelled -- no recourse

My flight was cancelled and I was offered a rebooking the following day. Since I had business the next day this was not acceptable and I had to cancel my flight and book with a different airline. Service on the flight may be fantastic but from what I've seen on the internet they are canceling a lot of flights. I can't deal with the lack of reliability.

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