Tirana - Rome Fiumicino

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Voyager avec ALITALIA

Un aller retour de Marseille sur Tirana avec Alitalia. Pas de vol direct, c'est bien dommage, donc je choisis la compagnie membre de Skyteam pour...

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Business TIA - FCO 07/2019 4 réactions


The flight was programmed to depart at 4:45 pm and suddenly without any mail information or any other kind of information they had delayed the flight at 9:10pm. I had to be interested by my self because I did not find the flight on the screen to let me and other people like me know that the flight had been delayed at 9:10 and it did not start again at 9:10 am but 9:35 a half hour more late like it was not enough. The girls on the host sportel were rude and arrogant the worst customer service. I missed an important job meeting for the blame on them and they did not even have the trouble to reimburse me or even be heard.

I will totally not recommended

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Economie TIA - FCO 07/2018

Total scam!!! Never again!!

The airline's way of making money is by making you pay a120€ fine (60€ each way) for not writing your middle while booking your flight, even thought the option was never given during the booking! After going on Tripadvisor I realised that hundreds of people got cheated the same way!! It's nothing less than organised crime and nothing is being done to stop it!!!
It ended up costing me twice as much as flying with a decent airline!!! So this was the first and the last time I ever fly with them!

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Economie TIA - FCO + de 2 ans

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Alitalia (1), Blue Panorama Airlines (2)