Avis de jazzmelody sur le vol Jet2.com entre Glasgow et Alicante du 29/12/2017 en Economie
jazzmelody LS / EXS GLA / ALC

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I wish to make an official complaint regarding the complete lack of customer service that my husband and I received from your company.

We were due to fly to Alicante on Friday 29th December 2017 at 11am (2SQKJW).
On awakening we discovered that the street was inches deep in snow. This was not predicted or fore cast by the weather forecasts.
We were due to leave the house at 8.30am from Largs, for a HALF HOUR drive to Glasgow Airport, in order to be there at the recommended two hours prior to departure. We had already checked in online so we only had to do a bag drop.
At 7.15am we were clearing the snow and pushing the car up the hill, with the help of a neighbour, to ensure that we had plenty of time to reach the airport owing to the adverse weather conditions.
We reached Inverkip and found that the Gourock Road had been closed due to the snow and that no vehicles were being allowed through.
We turned back and our only option was to tackle the Hailie Brae - where three accidents had already been reported that morning because of the treacherous conditions.
Eventually we reached Glasgow Airport, after three hours of battling to get there, just as Check In was closing.
The attendants refused to take our cases even though we had already checked in. We explained the whole situation to them but they refused to respond.
My husband phoned the 0800 408 0778 advisor to request if we could re book the holiday or change the flight but, again, no positive response.
At 2pm that day we received an automated text apologising for the three hour delay to our flight, owing to the weather conditions! How ironic.
I am hoping that, through an act of good faith, you can salvage something from this disaster for us. We have lost approx. £900 for the cost of the four night city break and airport parking fees.

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