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Avis de LTJ sur le vol La Compagnie Boutique Airline entre New York Ny/Newark Inl et Londres Luton du 25/08/2016 en Business
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This is the Easyjet of 'business class' travel.

Staff were perfectly nice; plane seemed safe enough, albeit rather basic & not exactly pristine; prices appropriate for what is really a premium economy service, but there are too many negatives to make me choose to fly it again.

Luton airport is a nightmare! Check-in staff even apologized for how awful it is to get in to without us saying anything! On the return leg it's probably not so dreadful if you've only been traveling for a couple of hours, but completely unacceptable if you've been on a 6 and a half hour flight, with a 3 hour delay prior to take-off. We clocked up nearly 8000 steps leaving the plane & getting to the cab that was parked in the short stay car park (no waiting outside!) - & damaged our cases on the rough & broken unfinished stony ground!

The 'beds' are really uncomfortable - hard & downward sloping. Yes, it's great to have the leg room, but if you're used to business class that's a given now & no other airline I've flown with has been this uncomfortable.

Food mediocre at best.

Entertainment choice very limited & quite outdated.

Cabin temperature way too hot on outbound leg, probably a bit too cold on inward portion - but at least you can put a blanket on to warm up. There was no apology nor explanation from the captain for the 3 hour delay in taking off & only a brief message from him at the beginning & end of the flight.

When our luggage finally arrived on the carousel, along with 2 other flights (in contrast to Newark where they were already lined up for collection when we got into the baggage hall) 2 of our cases looked like they'd been left to lie in oil in the Tarmac. They were completely ruined, but we couldn't find an airline representative to report this to, & given that we'd been told our arrival time would be 45 minutes earlier than it was & we had a car service waiting which was costing us for every minute we were delayed we couldn't search one out.

Add to this that it was a Friday & my husband & I had expected to be in 3 hours earlier & therefore had phone calls to make we needed to get out of there ASAP. In short, if you're not expecting a true business class experience this is probably fine. I think it would be better selling itself as a premium economy flight, but suitable for leisure travel only as they don't seem to have any respect for the time constraints on a business traveller, and then the expectation wouldn't be so high, & perhaps they should concentrate on providing a service harking back to the heyday of transatlantic travel which their boutique-ness would really lend itself to.

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Par LTJ, à propos de La Compagnie Boutique Airline, , près de London, England, United Kingdom, via son mobile
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