Lufthansa's new business class

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

We integrated our customers very closely into the development of our new Business Class so we would be able to offer a product that was totally in line with their wishes and requirements. Now after years of developing Lufthansa is introducing the new business class on the international flights.

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Lufthansa - Terminal A: Senator Lounge

le 17 janvier 2013 via Youtube

Quick tour of Lufthansa's Senator Lounge at Terminal A in Frankfurt/Main Airport. Lire la vidéo »

Lufthansa and Boeing 50 Years

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

A successful cooperation: "Lufthansa and Boeing" Celebrating 50 years - From the Boeing 707 to the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. Lufthansa entered... Lire la vidéo »

Lufthansa Jet age

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

The Boeing 707 launched a new revaluation in air travel, it crossed the North Atlantic in half of the time, and opened the era of jet aircraft... Lire la vidéo »

Lufthansa 747-8

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

Almost 50 years ago since Lufthansa penned the purchase contract for its first four B707 jet aircraft, and was a launch costumer for a 737 in 1965... Lire la vidéo »

Airbus A380 VIP

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

Airbus a380-800 VIP by Lufthansa Technik -- more room for ideas With 10,000 square feet of available floor area on two decks, the A380 offers more... Lire la vidéo »

Making of "The new European Comfort" a Lufthansa magazine

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

Have you ever wondered what a Lufthansa photo shoot is like? Join us on the set as we zoom in on the new European cabin that Lufthansa is... Lire la vidéo »

Modifications to Lufthansa's B737 fleet

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

Lufthansa's entire B737 fleet, stationed in Frankfurt, should be quieter by the end of this year thanks to technical modifications being made to the... Lire la vidéo »

Lufthansa Cargo aims for quieter landings at Frankfurt

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

New approach procedure promises less noise for residents in wide areas of the Rhine-Main region during the night. Read more here... Lire la vidéo »

Lufthansa Cargo Security

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

With Lufthansa Cargo; your Freight is in good hands. When implementing official security requirements mandated by international authorities for air... Lire la vidéo »

Lufthansa Cargo MD-11

le 10 octobre 2012 via Youtube

Every flight with our MD-11 is a pleasure. They are very special aircraft. In appearance, they are so typically characteristic. The cockpit is... Lire la vidéo »