WORST flight experience ever

Avis de Amanda K sur le vol Thai AirAsia entre Pu Dong et Bangkok Don Muang du 06/12/2019 en Economie
Amanda K FD / AIQ PVG / DMK

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I am completely appalled with Air Asia’s customer service. I tried to add baggage to my reservation when checking in online 24 hr before my flight. The website would not allow me to do so. I tried maybe 10 times before finally giving up and deciding to pay at the counter for my bags. I explained this to a counter agent and then eventually a supervisor at check in. They told me it was my fault and that the time to add bags at a cheaper price had passed. There was nothing they could do. Instead of paying $42 for my checked bag like I would have online for my 50 pound bag, I was scourged and ended up paying $430 in order to board the flight! They made me and my mom check our carry ons as well in order to increase the price. We had the standard small roller suitcases as carry ons and also one small personal item to fit under the seat in front of us. They wouldn’t allow us to take our small roller bags as carry ons even though every other passenger was allowed. These baggage policies are outrageous! The total of $430 costs more than what the fare for 4 tickets would normally cost on this airline. When I asked the counter supervisor if this is normal and if other foreigners have similar problems, he just stared at me with a grin on his face. That told me all I needed to know. This airline has cheap fares but where they get you is in the baggage fees by not allowing you to add checked baggage ahead of time. And then they blame it on their website. Based on my interaction with the counter agents I believe crucifying foreigners is how they stay in business. For the record, there was maybe 10 foreigners and over 200 Asians on my flight. All the other foreigners must know better than to fly with Thai Air Asia. Now I do too and so will everyone I know.
After all this at the check in counter, I was concerned we may miss our flight and made that clear to the staff. The supervisor escorted us through China customs which gave us clearance to go through a shorter line and also shorter security line thereafter.
Once on the flight, we sat in the plane with everyone boarded for 30 min before departing and then another 20 min on the runway. No announcement given to explain the delay, we just sat there for 50 min without any air conditioning. This was also the loudest and dirtiest flight I have ever been (and I have traveled all over the world). The other passengers were yelling in their conversations with each other. Everyone trying to talk over each other. There was no consideration for others on the plane. The flight team could have at least asked them to quiet down. The plane itself also looked like it had never been cleaned. There was visible dirt all over the armrests and tray tables and the bathrooms had sticky urine infested floors. We had to pay for inflight service, even just water and this was a 4+ hr flight. As we deboarded the flight, many passengers unloaded their smaller roller suitcases and also had backpacks. We were clearly singled out in having to pay for our carry on bags at check in.
All in all this company’s lousy website, horrible customer service, racial prejudice and profiling and disgusting plane earns a 0/10 rating from me.

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